Pi Breakfast & Pies

I was home alone and too lazy to cook myself lunch so I went out  and walked around our neighborhood to try some place I haven’t dined in. Pi Breakfast and Pies was just a three blocks away and was not crowded on a busy weekday noon so I decided to pop in.



Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Cafe

Last Monday, my reading buddies and I planned to meet to discuss the current book we’re reading (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell). We agreed to go to Ludo Boardgame Bar & Cafe so we can discuss the book then try play the board games available for the customers. Well, we ended up playing and discussing the book very very briefly.


Music Junkie: Styx

Happy Monday morning everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a good time. The long weekend is finished and offices are back in regular hours (awww, just when I was starting to enjoy the 4-day weekend). Anyway, I had a great weekend with my family (celebrated a bridal sparty for a cousin who’s getting married on the weekend!) and caught up with my best friends during Easter so I feel like I made the most of the long vacation and am ready to go back to work – I feel very refreshed and ready to face new challenges. Although I feel like there’s still a weekend hang over, I think it’s time to get those creative juices pumping again, and what better way to celebrate the new week is with some music.


Music Junkie: Yiruma

Have you ever heard  melancholic music that either melts your heart and makes you say ‘awww’ or brings back sad memories and brings you to tears? Yiruma’s songs just makes these all possible for me. There are times that I just want to listen to calming music and his compositions are just perfect. I can feel very in love in one song and then sad into the next.

Yiruma is a well-known South Korean pianist. He started playing the piano at the age of five and moved to London at the age of eleven to pursue further studies in music. He has released 12 albums since 2001.

My favorite among his composition would have to be Kiss the Rain.

Listening to this on my vacation day is just calming. It takes away the stress of the city life – best paired with a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine.

Now Watching: Home

With much encouraging from my dear friends to watch more movies, and to try my hands on writing a movie review, I would like to start a new category – Now Watching. This will basically be my take on movies I watched (both old and new) and to start it all off, here’s my opinion on the movie I just watched this week, Home.



Just Some Early Morning Thought

The possibility of moving to a place far from where I grew up makes me excited, confused and sad all at the same time. I mean, we’re not just moving to a new city or region here but to a different country altogether.

Although things are not yet final, it got me thinking about a lot of things. Things I want to fulfill before leaving actually and if they push things through, that’ll leave me at least a year to do it. Okay, time to make a new bucket list.

Anyway, it’s 2am and I need some shut eye.

Read It: The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

This is a rather late post coming in from March.

TFG: March Book Discussion

“Perhaps it’s true that things can change in a day. That a few dozen hours can affect the outcome of whole lifetimes.”

1969 in the History House in Ayemenem, fraternal twins Estha and Rahel’s lives are changed forever after The Tragedy during a visit from their cousin, Sophie Mol – not that their lives were a bed of roses anyway. The story of the twin’s childhood experiences show the grim and wreck situation of their family and how people cope differently in situations that can shatter their fate.


Working Playlist

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s weekend again but today, I’ll be staying here at home to work on deadlines and stuff. Next week is a holiday here (Holy Week) and a lot of offices might close down by Wednesday so it’s just best to finish a lot of stuff before offices close down for the remainder of the week.

I have things to catch up on – work, reading and chores but work’s on top of everything else. I’ve been out almost the whole week (going on meetings, errands etc.) and have very little time to sit in front of my computer so I’ll be staying up late for the weekend to finish what has to be done. As usual, I’ll be keeping myself company with music to help me not get bored and stay awake. I have also put songs on my weekend working playlist and like to share some music that helps motivate me during work.

  1. Patterns – Band of Skulls
  2. Fake Tales of San Francisco – Arctic Monkeys
  3. Jaded – Aerosmith
  4. Kids – MGMT
  5. A Year – Channel Cairo
  6. Rollerblades – Eliza Dolittle
  7. I Like to Dance – Hot Chelle Rae
  8. Hysteria – Motion City Soundtrack
  9. You’re Not Stubborn – Two Door Cinema Club
  10. It’s Alright -Matt & Kim

Maybe I can share some of my favorites from the mentioned bands/singers on next posts. :)

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