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Happy Saturday everyone! It’s weekend again but today, I’ll be staying here at home to work on deadlines and stuff. Next week is a holiday here (Holy Week) and a lot of offices might close down by Wednesday so it’s just best to finish a lot of stuff before offices close down for the remainder of the week.

I have things to catch up on – work, reading and chores but work’s on top of everything else. I’ve been out almost the whole week (going on meetings, errands etc.) and have very little time to sit in front of my computer so I’ll be staying up late for the weekend to finish what has to be done. As usual, I’ll be keeping myself company with music to help me not get bored and stay awake. I have also put songs on my weekend working playlist and like to share some music that helps motivate me during work.

  1. Patterns – Band of Skulls
  2. Fake Tales of San Francisco – Arctic Monkeys
  3. Jaded – Aerosmith
  4. Kids – MGMT
  5. A Year – Channel Cairo
  6. Rollerblades – Eliza Dolittle
  7. I Like to Dance – Hot Chelle Rae
  8. Hysteria – Motion City Soundtrack
  9. You’re Not Stubborn – Two Door Cinema Club
  10. It’s Alright -Matt & Kim

Maybe I can share some of my favorites from the mentioned bands/singers on next posts. :)

Cheesecakes by Guy

Yesterday after a brief meeting, I was stuck in Eastwood because of number coding. I have to wait until 7pm to drive back home so my sister and I made use of our idle time going around and looking for something nice to eat.


Station 7tea8

My friend and I have been driving along Maginhawa St. looking for a tea place which is not full. Of course, popular milk tea houses are already crossed off our list. Luckily, we found one beside Mexican Express.


Station 7tea8 is new having just had their soft opening the day before so I guess that’s the reason why there were not much people yet. The place is also quaint and comfortable but rather small only seating around 12 people inside plus 2 more tables at the al fresco area. They offer different kinds of local hot teas which is very interesting like guyabano , lagundi, avocado, guava and mango (will have to try that next time). They also have traditional milk teas and fruit teas but we ordered fruit teas instead. They also have hot meals which they claim to be all infused with tea. Quite interesting of course because they offer organic and healthy food. Yey for dieters!


Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan) Movie Trailer

Okay, I have been seeing a lot of the movie trailer on my newsfeed and I have just watched it. And, I am sooooo excited to see the finished movie for Shingeki No Kyojin.

I have watched the anime and currently reading the ongoing manga and seeing that it’d be made into a movie just made me look forward on how the finished product will look like. I love the plot of Shingeki No Kyojin and have blogged about it before (see here). I love the plot twist most because I think it was cleverly woven. The TV series have yet to resume (probably in 2016) but if the 2-part movie pushes through on August and September 2015 , I’d be glad to drop the rant for long wait for the anime.

The trailer is very mysterious though. I’m not quite sure if the special effects and cinematography will tickle the fans’ expectations (which I think is incredibly high) but seeing how a lot of fans are eagerly waiting for this to finally be shown, I guess special effects will be the least of the production’s concerns.

Round Robin Cafe

I am in constant hunt for a good cafe to go to. I just want to crash somewhere when I’m in the mood for alone time reading and when I’m getting tired of sitting in front of my desk at home doing work.

Round Robin is probably one of the cafe’s nearest my house. I was not really going here but the tea shop I was supposed to go to is closed on Mondays so I tried walking some more to find places I haven’t hung out in yet. The place is relatively small with just a few tables – I think there are only 4 tables. I seated next to the window and found my spot cramped and it was supposed to seat at least 2 people. My legs just hogged the entirety of the space. The interiors look ‘fast foody’ (sorry for the lack of correct term). The place is also not as crowded maybe because I went in at mid-afternoon.


Read It: Eleanor & Park


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Park thought it was just another day in high school until a new girl boarded the bus. Red hair, big, weird clothes, all screaming for attention. She was definitely not someone Park would make friends with but there was just something about her that he just cannot shake off.

It’s Eleanor’s first day at the new school. She just hopes to blend in but the minute she stepped on the bus proved otherwise. The kids are already starting to make fun of her – great, how good can this school get when she cannot even get a seat on the school bus. A weird Asian kid shouts at her to just seat, he’s mean, yes but at least he let her take a seat beside him. Awesome, so she can just sit there and ignore him forever.


Music Junkie: Awolnation – Run

album cover

Awolnation has just released their new album Run last March 17 prior to announcing it’s supposed release on 2014. It has been 3 years since the band first released an album, Megalithic Symphony, and most fans have been wondering if there would be a next one coming. And so, here it is, another album to feast our ears in.


Music Junkie: Arctic Monkeys

I am currently laughing at myself for honestly mixing up dates! I was thinking that our TFG March f2f was scheduled on the 28th but it really is today, the 21st. If it wasn’t for a co-member/friend, I may not have realized the mistake and wouldn’t be able to attend. And I was anticipating the f2f for a month now! It would have been a total waste if I was not able to go because I replied ‘yes’ on the RSVP and already placed my order since the first week of March. Since the mix-up is now clear, I am trying to squeeze in as much work before heading out in the afternoon. I have deadlines and I think I’m behind. So, time to make a playlist to keep me inspired.


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