Now Watching: Paper Towns

While the book is still fresh in my memory, I have watched the movie.

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Read It: Paper Towns


Paper Towns
By John Green

I have a love-hate relationship with John Green’s works. For one, I loved the first book I read which is The Fault In Our Stars and then hated Looking For Alaska. The rest? I think it was just okay. Nothing as moving as the first book – ever.

I was having hesitations to read Paper Towns because of the plot I read on Goodreads but since some friends gave it high ratings, I think it would be safe to assume that it will be worth my reading time. Plus, it was going to be shown in the theaters so, might as well read before seeing it on the big screen.

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The Lost Bread

I love desserts and it’s best shared with good friends. After dinner, we decided to walk along the stretch of Maginhawa Street and look for some place else to sit, chat and eat some more. We all haven’t tried Maginhawa StrEat yet so we tried our luck if we can still score seats there. The place was packed! It was a drizzly night and there are still a lot of people. There are lots of good food to choose from but since we already had our dinner we had our eyes on desserts.

The Lost Bread is just one of the many food choices in StrEat and we were very lucky the line wasn’t long. I tried to buy before but I wasn’t patient enough to wait in a long queue, hehe. Anyway, we all ordered their best selling milkshake which is the Carnival Milkshake and waited for at least 20 minutes before our orders arrived – because there were a LOT of orders even during the wee hours of the night!

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Fat Cousins’ Diner

There are a LOT of new restaurants opening in Maginhawa Street lately and it’s about time I update a little on my food adventures just outside my street. Fat Cousin’s Diner opened last Thursday (July 16) and my friends and I were lucky enough to try it out (since we promised a friend we would go on their opening night, hehe).

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La Vie Parisienne

I went out with my high school friends for a dinner night out to celebrate a friend’s journey to New York to take up his master’s degree. It was a very random plan which pushed through and we ended up having wine night at La Vie Parisienne which is very near our area.

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Dayhiking in Mt. Maculot

Late post

I have always wanted to try something different for my birthday but I also wanted to try something that would not be too costly. Since I already went on 2 beach trips with friends and experienced camping a week prior, I have decided to try hiking. I searched for guided trips and with the help of my trusty friend, we were able to score a good deal for a dayhike.

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Gillian Gail Dessert Buffet

I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolates! My friends and I share the same love for food and after learning of a dessert buffet themed restaurant just made our hearts jump in anticipation. We’re actually the type of diners who always seem to have room for dessert after a full meal so trying out dessert buffet sounds pretty exciting for us.

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