The Midwich Cuckoos

There is no conception more fallacious than the sense of cosiness implied by "Mother Nature". Each species must strive to survive, and that it will do, by every means in its power, however foul - unless the instinct to survive is weakened by conflict with another instinct.

I am back ver2.0

Hi! It's been 2 years since I last wrote an entry. As much as I wanted to keep an active blog, I keep failing to write entries. Life happens, and it saddens me that days revolved pretty much around work that I stopped doing some of the things that I enjoyed. The world has been... Continue Reading →


Koma by Pierre Wazem & Frederik Peeters Adidas, a young girl who works as assistant chimney sweep for her father, one day ventures too far down the chimney and discovers a world different than her own. Here, she learns that monsters each have a machine to maintain which connects to human life up above. There... Continue Reading →

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