Read It: The Midwich Cuckoos


The Midwich Cuckoos

by John Wyndham

There is no conception more fallacious than the sense of cosiness implied by “Mother Nature”. Each species must strive to survive, and that it will do, by every means in its power, however foul – unless the instinct to survive is weakened by conflict with another instinct.

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Read It: Spinning Silver

Spinning Silver

Spinning Silver

by Naomi Novik

Their law didn’t seem to allow for mistakes, and if you couldn’t make what you said was true, they’d repair the fault in the world by putting you out of it.

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Read It: The Priory of the Orange Tree

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The Priory of the Orange Tree

by Samantha Shannon


Behind every throne is a masked servant who seeks only to make a puppet of the one who sits on it.

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I am back ver2.0

Hi! It’s been 2 years since I last wrote an entry. As much as I wanted to keep an active blog, I keep failing to write entries. Life happens, and it saddens me that days revolved pretty much around work that I stopped doing some of the things that I enjoyed.

The world has been at a stand still for the past 3 months because Covid-19, and looks like it may continue to do so until the rest of the year. Although I have been cooped up at home since the start of the pandemic, I have spent my days in front of my laptop still doing endless drawings for work. Staying, and working at home has its perks of course, but isolation can also be pretty draining even with social media just a click away. Well, I am taking this opportunity to revive this blog (for the nth time). I might be making changes, purge and delete old posts. I hope I can keep this up for real while we figure a way to ease back to a new normal.

I hope everyone is safe, and healthy.

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Read It: Koma

Image result for koma wazem pierre book cover


by Pierre Wazem & Frederik Peeters

Adidas, a young girl who works as assistant chimney sweep for her father, one day ventures too far down the chimney and discovers a world different than her own. Here, she learns that monsters each have a machine to maintain which connects to human life up above.

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Read It: Naermyth



by Karen Francisco

What if the creatures of our folklore were not just stories? What if they exist in hiding and were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to come out of the shadows and take over the land? Would you survive and fight, or would you be their next dinner?

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Read It: Uprooted


Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Uprooted is a standalone fantasy novel written by American author, Naomi Novik. It tells a tale about a village girl named Agnieszka who was unexpectedly picked by the village wizard, Dragon, to live with him in a tower as exchange for protecting the village from the Wood. Nobody from the village knows what Dragon does with the girls he picks. All they know is that every ten years, Dragon goes to their village and select a girl who comes home with him.

The premise of the story sounds very interesting. I think one of the reasons why I chose this book was because of the blurb. I had to know who Dragon was and what was the deal with getting village girls and locking them up in a tower. And, why do the people need protection from the Wood?

The beginning chapters really caught my attention because there was this big mystery I wanted to know about Dragon. Nieszka, on the other hand, sounded like the typical young-adult heroine: atypical compare to other girls her age, clumsy, and stubborn. Although I wanted to learn more about the plot, there are times I hated how Nieszka gets annoying.

On the contrary, I find the world-building of the Wood very interesting. There was so much about it I wanted to discover as I read along but found it a bit short. I was hoping the author would have expounded and explored the possibilities of the Wood more than the conflicts of the humans in the story. I think a prequel about the creation of the Wood is a good idea because of the potential story it might produce.

One of the questions I had during our book discussion was about fantasy novels always injecting romance. Can a fantasy novel (or just any novel) survive without the need of putting a side romance between characters? I mean, I was just looking for adventure and magical stuff but once there’s romance and their drama I kind of start cringing inside. Haha. Do any of you know of a fantasy novel without it?

PS: I thought Uprooted was a YA novel, it was not. 😉

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Read It: Slade House


Slade House by David Mitchell


“People are masks, with masks under those masks, and masks under those, and down you go.” 

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Read It: We Are Okay

We Are Okay

We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

“Tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal, these are all things that change a person. If we endure them and we aren’t changed, then something is wrong.”

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Read It: American Gods


American Gods by Neil Gaiman

 All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them.

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