Read It: A Place to Lay My Heart

Travelling, going to different places and exploring the different cultures and sights around the world is everybody’s dream. We all yearn to experience travelling to distant places uncommon to our everyday world. It’s a challenge, a discovery and a learning. We all feel giddy at thought of going out of our comfort zones.

Admit it, most of us get envious with people who get the opportunity to go backpacking across the globe. And we get more envious with those who do it for a living. Imagine getting paid to go places. Wow. That must be great. But all those are just what we see. What we don’t know is that people who do travel for a living experience difficulty, separation and loneliness. Yes, they do meet a lot of people and make new friends but not the intimate kind. Building relationships posts a problem. Long distance relationships are always a hindrance for their happily ever after.

Getting to the point, a friend of mine who also does travelling and doing all those reviews for a living shared with us this wonderful fairytale of how a woman struggled to find her happiness despite the consequences of being in love with a wanderer and her being a wanderer herself. Its inspiring. I hope you enjoy reading.

Here’s the link :

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