Music Junkie: The Maine – Pioneer album

The alternative rock band The Maine has just released their 3rd album entitled Pioneer last December 2011.

Since I have been too preoccupied last month, I was not able to discover and listen to new released albums. And now, that I have the time to spare, I stumbled on this newly released album. From their past song releases, my favorite so far is “Into Your Arms” from their 2008 album, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” and now I have to say another favorite would be “Thinking of You” from this album.

Here is the list of their new songs:

  1. Identify
  2. My Heroine
  3. Time
  4. Some Days
  5. I’m Sorry
  6. Don’t Give Up On Us
  7. Misery
  8. When I’m At Home
  9. Thinking Of You
  10. Jenny
  11. Like We Did (Windows Down)
  12. While Listening To Rock and Roll
  13. Waiting For My Sun To Shine
For a preview of their new album, you may listen to their myspace account: The Maine – Pioneer
Enjoy Listening!


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One Response to Music Junkie: The Maine – Pioneer album

  1. musicblog95 says:

    My favourite track on the album is Like We Did (Windows Down)!

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