Food Trip: Moonleaf Tea Shop

Photo Credit: Moonleaf Tea Shop

Milk teas has becoming a fad lately. And with the growing number of tea shops popping here and there, you do not know which is which.

One of the first tea shops I have visited was Moonleaf . Judging by the place, it looks pretty much like a house built during the 80’s converted into a commercial space. The interior is very simple. Everything is painted white. The chairs and tables are also white. It sets the mood, it feels like a place to sit, drink and chat with your friends. I don’t really suggest you go there if you want to be alone, read a good book or study because the place is always packed with students and yuppies so the place is noisy.

A lot of my friends who were regulars highly suggest I try their very famous Wintermelon Milk tea. And yes, I must say they were all correct. Wintermelon milk tea would have to be their signature. I give it an A+. But for those who would like to stick to just drinking teas, they also have basic teas: black tea, green tea and oolong tea. They also have fruit teas though I haven’t tried it yet.  And a variety of milk teas.

Moonleaf Tea Shop

Address:  103 Maginhawa St. Teachers Village,  Quezon City



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