Food Trip: Ramen Bar

Recently, my friends and I were searching online for a good place to eat and saw a restaurant called Ramen Bar. Since the place was near our workplace, we decided to give it a try.

Ramen Bar is located in Eastwood but since it is located at the other side of Eastwood Mall, its not very accessible to diners unless you happen to pass by the area. The look of the place is very simple and light. When you enter the place, the first thing you’ll  notice is the red accent wall with the restaurant logo painted in white. The other walls are made of wood cladding in natural finish. I noticed there are only about 7 long tables that can accommodate at least 8 diners.The seats are very boxy and not very comfortable, although the tables are big and spacious. As I was looking around, I saw graphics placed too high on the wall to even get noticed. The images were nice but wasn’t getting enough lookers.

As we were seated, we saw that the menu was already printed on the placemats. Selecting food was easy because every variand was described. Even the Japanese terms were translated for better understanding. Aside from their basic menu, they also have the chef specials which they change every once in a while. Its good to know that they innovate the typical ramen for some tasteful variety. The dishes were limited but I think its good because they really want diners to select their specialty – ramen.

The staff were really nice. We were first timers in their restaurant and really don’t know which to order. They were kind enough to answer all our queries regarding the differences of each.

Our dining experience was really good. Waiting time for our order took less than 10 minutes although I was thinking it was because the place was not packed. Our appetizer came in about after 3 minutes and our ramen was served 5 minutes later. If you’re a light eater or on a diet, a bowl is good for sharing. If you love eating like a king, its worth every penny. The ramen was served hot, although the presentation was average, i’ll give credit to the taste. I give it 85 points because the meat was tender and noodles was firm enough but the soup was a bit oily.

Ramen Bar

Address:  G/F Eastwood Mall, Libis, Q.C.

Operating Hours: 11AM – 11PM

Budget: 200-500

RBS #1

Sapporo Miso Ramen

Chasyu (Curry) Ramen - Chef Special

Kakuni Buns

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