Read It: Left Behind

Left Behind by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins

My boss is a Christian and lately, we’ve been attending this Bible study she conducts for her office staff. We’ve been talking about the possible last days of humanity, faith and the second coming of Christ. Actually, I don’t really know my stand when it comes to these subjects. It looks possible and impossible at the same time. During one of our sessions, we talked about reading and my boss found out about my love for reading and handed me this book to read and check out.

Left Behind is the first of 16 book series. Its about the start of the Tribulation period. The first part of the novel describes the event where all the true believers of Christ were raptured (taken to heaven in a blink of an eye). The world becomes chaotic and world leaders try to find the possible cause of the phenomenon. People who are aware about the rapture and are believers and converted believers of Christ, try to find the answers through reading the Bible. They also find out about the different events that may happen to the world and the appearance of the AntiChrist which they want to find out who.

It’s mostly about saving yourself when the rapture has happened and you were not one of the people sent to heaven. Its about realizing your mistakes and how you can make up for it through good words and deeds. Its also about saving the people you love and care for. Though saving them not through super powers but through the faith and belief that you can be saved from the events that may happen during the Tribulation period.

Honestly, I was impressed on the first few chapters of the book. I find the plot to be very exciting and the flow of the story seemed fast. But after some time, the flow of the story became tedious and slow. The events happening doesn’t seem at all important that you may want to skip some pages and look for the parts where things get all hyped up again.

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2 Responses to Read It: Left Behind

  1. mynihility says:

    I didn’t know there was Left Behind Kids books. Sounds interesting.

  2. Mishrav.Mikura says:

    I have a couple of Left Behind Kids books that I bought from Booksale. I’m not really a devout Catholic but I like the book. Haven’t read the Left Behind book though. 🙂

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