Read it: The Body Language of Love

The Body Language of Love

The Body Language of Love by Allan & Barbara Pease

A friend just bought “The Body Language of Love”  and finished it in a jiffy. She lent me this book to read and find out how body language affect the way people perceive our actions and mannerisms.

The whole concept of the book is to describe the different things men and women do in the game of flirting, dating and finding the potential mate and long-term partner. It discusses the way we unconsciously and subconsciously convey our feelings towards the opposite sex through body language.

During the course of this self-help book, you eventually realize what you must and must not do to snatch your dream girl or guy. It provides tips for the singles who want to hook up, for those already hooked up, how to maintain bliss in their relationship and a whole lot more.

Honestly, I’m not such a fan of these types of books. Well, it is enlightening to know how to interpret a certain mannerism but I don’t think it applies to everyone else. The tips the book provides for maintaining a healthy relationship is also passe, it has already been handed out and discussed a million times in different talks and books so I don’t find it that appealing anymore. But if you’re a curious reader, go on and have a good read.


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