Food Trip: Crazy Katsu

Happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, so today my sister and I decided to go for some good dinner around Teacher’s Village. Originally, we were supposed to have our Valentine’s dinner at Pino but unfortunately, the place was fully booked. So, we skipped the vegetarian gourmet and walked along the stretch of Malingap street then Maginhawa. I then thought of going to Van Gogh’s but then again why try ? The place must definitely be packed too. We next opted for Cafe Leona in Magiting Street but alas, still no luck. We never expected all these places fully booked on Vday. We were actually feeling hopeless while walking and then I saw the sign screaming Crazy Katsu and remembered that a friend once said that the place was a good place to try and so, we hit the jackpot. The place was not fully booked.

Looking at the place, it is very small. It can accommodate only around 8 4-seater tables inside and then around 4 4-seater tables for al fresco dining. Overall mood wasn’t inviting. The chairs were very basic, square, no backrest. The tables were also very basic. Nothing special. But while I was looking around, I found this artwork striking. It is made up of different sized wood blocks stuck together to form one sculptural wall decor. The place was rather disorganized. Not a place where you will bring a girl on your first date though.

When the server handed out the menu, the choices were very limited. We tried their best sellers, the chicken katsu and the tonkatsu. The Chicken Katsu was okay. Fried chicken fillet on some sweet and spicy sauce of some sort. Serving was justifiable with the amount. The Tonkatsu was also okay, fried pork. Nothing very special.

Overall, I didn’t go cray cray over the katsu. Though it’s a good place to start if you feel like eating and are on a tight budget.

Crazy Katsu

Adress: 81 Unit I Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Store Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm

Budget: P150-250

Note: Will upload the photos on a later date. I forgot my camera cable somewhere. 

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