Perfect Summer Days By The Beach

Summer really is in the air. It’s already hot and humid and one can barely stand the heat when walking along the busy streets of the metro. Summer days mean days spent lounging along the shores of the beach, feeling the crisp air while lying down on a hammock and reading a good book.

During sunny afternoons, you explore the beach and take photos of critters roaming around the foamy water, see people lying around the hot afternoon sun and kids playing with sand castles.

Life’s little pleasures spent along the shores where sunrise and sunsets are picture perfect. You wish vacations like this would go on forever but there’s still a reality waiting in the city. Take time to enjoy these brief moments where you think of nothing but pure leisure. Happy Summer!

Nipa Cottages

Lovely morning view

 Reading a good book while lounging on a hammock

Mr. Crab just stopped to have his photo taken

Kids playing beach volley

Waiting for the perfect sunset


My Sister and I capturing summer memories

About Elaine

interior designer | occasional bookworm | closet otaku | music lover | frustrated craftsman | lazy artist | part time bum
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