Why Interior Designers Matter

I was browsing around and saw this video being shared by a lot of my friends. Being an interior designer myself, I was curious on how the importance of  interior design could be presented.

I loved the presentation. Explaining the significance of interior design as applied to the social and economic well being of individuals as well as corporations and nations are superb. The video was able to relate through analogy (plus the doodles!) how interior design and the built environment affect its end users. It’s true, if there wasn’t interior design, we’d all be living in a bare box.

Let’s face it, interior design is taken for granted most of the time. Generally, people perceive the profession as pure glitz and glamour. They think its all about drawing, matching colors, picking out the cutest fabric or wallpaper and sourcing for the best furniture. Well, yes, it is about those above mentioned things but there’s still more to it than just fanciness and luxury.

In my point of view, interior designers are also psychologists. Its not only because blue is your favorite color that’s why your room is painted blue. There is a deeper meaning to it. Designers analyze the way colors affect a user’s mood. A color palette is picked as such because it enhances how they want you to feel when inside a certain room. Interior designers are also researchers because they find the best solutions on how to maximize a space (and how to segregate his&hers closets, put together what he and she wants) as well as solutions to present problems in the built environment. And right now, interior designers (together with the other construction related fields) are finding ways to minimize your house’s carbon footprint as it is being built. They are looking into how to help you build your dream home with minimal negative effect on the natural environment. Interior designers are not only your personal shoppers, they are also economists because they help you manage your expenses (and I mean your really tight budget) through effective use of materials and resources.

Kudos to the students who put together this video. I think the aspects shown are not only for the interior design profession per se but also for the design and construction community as a whole – architects, engineers, contractors, etc.

Interior design impacts you on a daily basis – that’s why we matter.


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