Fly High With Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

One of my all-time favorite characters would have to be Hello Kitty. I remember back when I was in elementary up until high school, I loved buying my schoolbags and other school supplies from Sanrio. I was a very happy school kid wearing that pink/red/baby blue backpack bearing the iconic cat’s head, and bringing out my pens and notebooks of the same character.

As I grew up, my interest in the character diminished. Although I can still say that I get pretty hyped up everytime I pass by the Sanrio store, I don’t have the same urge to buy their merchandise as I had before. I still loved looking at this kawaii character but I’m not as interested in buying things marked with her headshot (because it has become pricey).

And just before I lost all interest in Hello Kitty, I saw an ad from Eva Air promoting their Hello Kitty jets! Seeing the photos and videos of the Hello Kitty Jet just brought out the kid in me. I had a sudden urge to go ride the Hello Kitty jet. It simply is amazing. Hello Kitty is flying high by the minute. And I’m definitely thinking of saving up for that trip to Taipei.


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  1. hello kitty is my favorite show

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