Avilon Zoo

Just recently, a friend offered to make use of her complimentary tickets to Avilon Zoo. We really didn’t have anything to do during the holiday (May 1 – Labor Day) so we planned to have our out of town trip together.

None of us owns a car nor knows how to drive well so commuting would be the only way getting there. We were also not familiar with the place so we braced ourselves for the journey to a place none of us knew entirely. It was quite a long ride and the roads leading to it were narrow and muddy. Lucky for us the cab agreed to take us all the way to Montalban, Rizal. Who would ever think a place would exist in such a secluded area.

We started touring the place around 2pm and ended around 5pm (closing time). It was tiring walking around but worth it because the place was enjoyable to see. We got a chance to take photos of the different animals held there. It was such a big place so were not sure if we were able to go around it entirely. One thing that I think that would have helped was a site map but it wasn’t available (hope someday it would be).

Overall, the Avilon Zoo is a nice place to spend the weekend with the family. Personally, I would like to go back there and see the place again. It’s very relaxing to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city every once in a while. Plus, the zoo is not yet 100% complete. There are still some cordoned areas under construction so I’m expecting to see more attractions the next time I get a chance to visit.

Note: I’m having a hard time uploading the photos I took. I’ll post them in a day or two.

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