Read It: 1Q84

1Q841Q84 by Haruki Murakami

Ever since I read Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart and Norwegian Wood, I have been hooked up with reading on his works. What I love about the author is the idea of creating stories that are obviously fictional but too close to the reality we live in. It sparks one’s curiosity and views on the world we live in and you just can’t help but think “Is this the real world in which I belong?“.

1Q84 is a novel which takes place beginning on April 1984 and ends on December. The story revolves on the lives of the 2 protagonists, Aomame and Tengo as they search for meaning in their lives and try to fill up the vacuum holed up inside them. Both live separate lives in 1984 (or is it 1Q84) but somehow gets involved with the religious group Sakigake. Tengo gets involved by ghostwriting the novel Air Chrysalis by the dyslexic Fuka-Eri (who happens to be the daughter of Sakigake’s Leader). The novel Air Chrysalis which sounds much like a fantasy novel happens to be an expose to the close-knit community of Sakigake that the group deides to pursue both Fuka-Eri and Tengo. While Aomame’s involvement with Sakigake starts when she was hired by the dowager to kill Leader as punishment for abusing girls. The whole story is pretty much like a wild cat-and-mouse chase, Sakigake running after Tengo and Aomame, Tengo looking for Aomame and Aomame searching for Tengo. All those running around who looking for who with the mysterious appearance of the Little People here and there plus the little green moon beside the moon of the real world adds confusion and much surrealism in the whole tangled up story.

What I like about the novel is the alternating chapters which shows the views of the two central characters. You can actually see how the story unfolds as Aomame and Tengo draws nearer to finding each other. Although, there are moments in the novel which I find boring and repetitive and I feel that you can actually cut down the 900++ pages to at least 600 without affecting the story. But all in all, I find reading 1Q84 interesting.

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