Read It: Room


Room by Emma Donoghue

Jack is five. Jack lives in Room with Ma. Jack has to hide and sleep in Closet every 9 at night before Old Nick comes in Room. Jack plays with Ma the whole afternoon and reads books before hiding in Closet. Jack and Ma writes what they need for Old Nick to bring as Sunday Treat. Room is reality and Outside is just make believe. Jack is scrave because he has to go Outside and look for help. Jack is a hero. Jack finally accepted being Outside.

Room is about Jack, who lived 5 long years in a room with no connection to the outside world. To him, Room is everything and he needs nothing else. He is happy with the way things are. Shielded from the truth, his Ma finally tells him the truth that they are held prisoners by Old Nick, that Room is just part of Outside and not everything he watches in TV is fantasy. For a five year old who knew nothing but the four walls of the shed, everything is new and confusing when he finally stepped outside. The things he thought that were make believe are now there in front of his eyes: the trees, the buildings, other people.  His world revolved in Room and his Ma and adjustment to the real world is not as easy as he thought it would be.

The story being narrated by a five year old is really refreshing. There is a tone of innocence in every detail and one would not think that this is a story about the horrors of being kidnapped and confined in a shed for so long. It’s also interesting how things are described because it sounded really as if it came from a child’s mind. The adventures of exploring what you have yet to know about the world and meeting people for the first time through the perspectives of child is a breath of fresh air for readers who want something new.


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