Of Wishlists And Kris Kringles

Since it is Christmas and exchange of gifts are just around the corner, I thought of writing about the things people usually get (but definitely hate) getting on Kris Kringles. People think differently, some appreciate whatever they get, some laugh at how hilariously annoying their gift can be and some “recycle” theirs – they give it away as gifts to their next baby. Well here are some comments I gathered regarding the gifts most people get during Christmas parties:

 Towels – of any kind. Really now, while it can be useful, don’t you just have any other gift idea?

  • “Do I badly need a bath? “
  • ” Better than receiving soap.”
  • “Might just give it to my grandma instead”
  • “Not what I really want but I guess its pretty useful.”

Picture Frame – Feeling sentimental? In the digital age, I don’t think picture frames are a big hit anymore. Well except if you’re giving away a digital photo frame though.

  • “Recycle!”
  • “I’m not a fan of frames. Thinking of giving this back to the sender next year. Hahaha – let’s see how he will feel.”
  • “Another frame to my never-ending picture frame gift collection! Sarcasm included.”

  Soap – Another everyday item. Actually, some people find getting perfumed soaps fancy but some take offense at getting soaps or any other personal hygiene products because they feel that there might be something wrong in their hygiene.

  • “Not bad”
  • “I don’t like the smell. I’ll give it to someone I know who likes this scent”
  • “Is it time to hit the shower? Haha”

Scented Candles – Only a very few people use scented candles so if you’re thinking of giving this as a gift, think again.

  • “I don’t use scented candles but I guess it will come in handy during a blackout.”
  • “Scented candle, into the shelf you go.”
  • “Maybe I can use this. Cook dinner and have a scented candlelight dinner with my husband.”
  • “My grandma would love this – when I visit her grave. Haha”

Mug – A lot of people are coffee lovers but sometimes, too much mugs are considered an overkill.

  • “I can now replace my office mug.”
  • “Another trophy to my vast collection.”
  • “This will do”

It’s actually a good thing to do some research on the likes and dislikes of your baby. Although they say, “it’s the thought that counts”, it feels more fulfilling to give a gift that the receiver will be appreciative about. It’s just not buying a gift for giving a gift per se but giving to make someone happy.


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