2012: Things To Be Thankful For

Since the year has come to an end (thank God its not the world that ended), it’s time to look back and be grateful to the year that has been. I was actually thinking of something nice to write about and thought that it would be better to write my top lists of things to be thankful for. And so, here goes my list:

Thank you to the friendly strangers:

  1. To the guards around the city who has helped me find whatever and wherever it was I was looking for
  2. To the drivers (jeepney, cab and tricycle) who gladly helped me get to places I have to go
  3. To the gentlemen who gladly gave me their seats on the train and on the bus
  4. To the random people I were able to talk to while waiting in line

Thank you to my friends:

  1. To the friends who gave unsolicited pieces of advice (even when it hurt)
  2. To the friends I hang out with until the wee hours
  3. To the friends who patiently listened to my rants
  4. To the friends who made life more fun and exciting

Thank you to my family

  1. For being the best people I come home to everyday
  2. For the laughs we shared even in times of struggle
  3. For always being there
  4. For everything

Thank you to my work (which I regard with a love-hate relationship)

  1. For the priceless experiences I gain everyday
  2. For helping me become a better person (career-wise)
  3. For the supportive people I work with

2012 has been a year of ups and downs. Although what has been was not always to my liking, I look back and see everything with great regard. I am and will be wiser because the mistakes I made helped broaden my horizon. I am and will be stronger because the tears I shed helped me realize that nothing ever solves itself through tears and endless rants.

As another year starts (in about 5 hours from now), I welcome it as a new me. A better person of myself. So, 2013 bring it on! I am ready for you.


About Elaine

interior designer | occasional bookworm | closet otaku | music lover | frustrated craftsman | lazy artist | part time bum
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