Read It: Blankets


Blankets by Craig Thompson

Ever since I have read Habibi, I always wanted to go buy Blankets. Lucky, I got the chance to buy a discounted copy on Free Comic Book Day (Yey!)

Blankets is the graphic autobiography of the author, Craig Thompson. The story is about Craig’s childhood. Being brought up in a strict religious community, he questions and wonders a lot about what the Bible says in contrast to how he saw the world and the people living in it. It is a coming of age story, a renewed discovery on faith and first love.

I liked how he relived his own story, mixing and interconnecting his present experiences with his past. Teen angst, his questions about religion and the people running the ministry, the typical teenage curiosity and finding out about where he really belongs.

The story pretty much revolves around his 2-3 week stay in Raina’s house. How their love evolved and died at the same time. Their lives, childhood and thinking about their futures.


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