I was browsing to look for a free CAD software I can download legally and saw this promising FREE CAD software, NanoCAD.


I have started using NanoCAD for a week already and so far, I have no problems. It is compatible with other dwg files (AutoCAD and BtoCAD) and whatever format or layer I have is also transferred. The commands are all the same so there is no need to worry adjusting or memorizing new command shortcuts. Its easy to use and is also portable – I have installed mine in a portable hard drive and it still runs smoothly.

I still haven’t tried plotting on paper but I have tried plotting on PDF and I say it’s good to go for email or sharing.

CAD programs are no cheap buy so it is a good thing Nanosoft has developed a free CAD platform that works the same as other expensive CAD programs.

Here are some screen shots while I was working on a project:

nano cad 002

When typing in commands, a selection of commands appear on a scroll so you know you’re typing the right thing. 🙂

nano cad 001

Looks almost the same as other CAD softwares.

For more information and to download NanoCAD, visit their website:


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