Patterns and Colors

I like creating color palettes and love trying them out in different patterns and wherever I may be able to apply them in (rooms, clothes etc.).  I think its fun playing with colors, mixing and matching what goes with what. Its a fun organizational activity I enjoy every once in a while or whenever I have the free time to do so.

I have been using Colourlovers for some time and I just loved doing all these creative, crafty patterns.

Colourlovers is an international creative community that helps everyone be their own designer. They have tools that help every budding designer be creative in many ways possible through articles, inspirational images, colors and other outputs. Its an online sharing of trends that vary from fashion, interior design and web design.

I really like browsing in their preset patterns and trying out different colors and sometimes, I like browsing on an array of color schemes. It helps me think of more ways to combine colors and match patterns in my line of work. Its a very helpful tool in making designs more unique. I’m actually thinking of having one of the patterns I made printed on fabric – just try out what it looks like, hopefully soon.

Tip #1: I use the preset patterns and render them in my own color schemes. I use these generated images as patterns in my 3D models whenever I can’t find a specific map I need and want especially when it comes to fabric and wallpaper patterns.

Tip #2: Its also an easy background or header generator for those of you who need a quirky invitation design. We also used a generated pattern once as a backdrop for a company affair.

Here are some of the patterns I generated with the color palettes I have collected for some time.

eka 001

eka 002

eka 003

Its free to join the Colourlovers community:

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