Project DIY – Coffee Table

dit I have been browsing a lot on Pinterest lately and am really inspired to do one of those do-it-yourself projects when I get the chance. And on a rather boring day, I was thinking of what to do when I saw a couple of old and unused car tires lying around outside our home – and then it hit me, yes this is my chance to try out those picture perfect DIY thingamajigs.

I asked my mom if I can have the old tires and since it has no other use in our household, she said yes. I told my plan of sprucing up the old tires into a crafty coffee table, and guess what? She actually loved the idea and even said she’d be willing to do it with me. It turned out to be a mother-daughter craft project- yey!

To make the long story short, here are a list of things needed to make the coffee table:

  • a pair of unused/old tires
  •  at least 10 yards of abaca twine (this depends on the diameter and depth of the tire you’re going to use)
  • plywood scraps (make sure it would cover the diameter of the tire)
  • rugby or any other alternative adhesive
  • acrylic paint and brushes

How we did it:

  • Clean and scrub the tires to get rid of dirt and oil. Let it dry outside for at least 30 minutes.
  • Measure the diameter of the tires using the abaca twine. It is easier to glue pre-cut abaca twine by 3’s or 4’s than going round and round using a single twine so cut as many as you need. You should also make the cut at least an inch longer than the actual diameter.
  • Spread adhesive on the tire. Start by spreading at least 1″x6″ area, it’s easier.
  • Glue the pre-cut twine on the areas with the applied adhesive and repeat the process until you covered the whole diameter of the tire.

Once you’re done covering the diameter of the tire, it’s time to do the cover:

  • Measure the top portion of the tire and make a mark on the piece of wood you’re using as table top.
  • Cut the wood to the desired size.
  • Paint with whatever design you want.
  • Glue abaca on the sides of the plywood and cover at least half an inch on the top.

And then it’s good to go!

We didn’t glue the 2 tires together. We just stacked the two together so its easier to carry and move it around whenever we clean or rearrange our furniture.

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