The Waiting Game

 Where are you?

On the way

Where exactly?

I always make it a habit to be on time during meet ups. Say, the agreed time is 8am, I have to be there at least 10 minutes earlier. I hate waiting very much so I always bear in mind not to make people wait for me. As Confucius said, “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do to unto you”. So basically, that’s it.

But sometimes, being on time really has its down side. I take it back. It’s not sometimes, it always has a down side.

Most of the time, I end up waiting for people who agreed to meet up at this exact time. I just don’t get it. We have mutually agreed to meet at a specific time and venue so at least they would have been able to budget their time. I would have understood tardiness if it were a random unplanned meet up. I believe that being late for a meeting because of traffic is not a good excuse. If they have agreed to meet at a specific time, at least they would have anticipated their travel time and road condition (which by the way is ALWAYS in bumper to bumper condition).

And as a result, I always have with me a book, a small sketch pad  and pen, my earphones and mobile phone to keep me company while I win this waiting game. I usually space out and think about random stuff and observe the people around me.

The first 10 minutes is okay. Everything is cool.

20 minutes,  start looking around and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.

30 minutes, bring out the book and start to read.

40 minutes, doodle what you read or sketch the surroundings.

50 minutes and you start to feel time conscious.

And when it goes an hour beyond, you just don’t know whether they’re late or maybe, just maybe you’re supposed to meet tomorrow and not today.

This entry was made amidst the waiting game. Time and patience check: 1 hour 10 minutes -Nailed it!


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interior designer | occasional bookworm | closet otaku | music lover | frustrated craftsman | lazy artist | part time bum
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