Kerkythea is a free software that can produce quality renders without spending a cent on software licensing. It also has an array of material libraries you can download for free to use as aid in making your 3D render more accurate and realistic. What’s good about this is that a lot of tutorials are available online for basic and advanced users looking for additional help in using the software.

I have been using Kerkythea for 3 years as a plugin rendering tool for my Sketchup models and I must say that it really is simply powerful. It may not be as realistic but the output can be comparable to that of its high-end competitors. For a free program, it gives you more than you expect.

Here are rendered samples from Kerkythea users:







Photo Credit:

Here are samples of my works, well it isn’t much but I’m still working on it:

common 01

common 02


bedroom2 2


kitchen 2

For more information and to download Kerkythea:

I’m still finding ways to make my rendering settings better and will try to share them in succeeding posts once everything is okay.


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