Read It: Restoration of Faith (The Dresden Files 0.2)

Restoration of Faith (The Dresden Files 0.2)

By Jim Butcher

I have been browsing new books to read and have chanced upon the Dresden Files as one of the recommended books for people who love reading fantasy novels and who just can’t get enough of the wizarding world (heads up Harry Potter Fans!).

Restoration of Faith is a short introductory story about Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. It summarizes the type of work he does, which is a legitimate wizard for hire. Set in the busy streets of Chicago, Harry is commissioned to  find the only daughter of a wealthy family. The search ends with an encounter with a bridge troll and a brief introduction to Karrin Murphy, a police officer who plays a big part later on in the series.

Its a fun and very brief prequel ( it only has 12 pages) which attracts you more to read the rest of the series. It gives you a glimpse of what the rest of the Dresden Files has to offer and yes, I am now done with book 1 and reading through book 2 already.  So far, I am hooked with the book and am up for more of Harry’s adventures as a modern wizard-slash-detective-slash-crime fighter. Move aside Harry Potter (no offense), this wizard’s got a blasting rod.


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One Response to Read It: Restoration of Faith (The Dresden Files 0.2)

  1. ramipon says:

    glad you discovered it 🙂

    the book starts a bit slow but when it picks up the paste… it goes full tilt !!!

    one of my all time favorite “universe” 🙂

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