Read It: Storm Front (The Dresden Files 1)

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)

Storm Front (Dresden Files 1)

Jim Butcher

“When things get strange. When what goes bump in the night flicks on the lights, when no one else can help you. give me a call.

I’m in the book.”

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is the only legitimate wizard for hire in Chicago. Whenever cases are classified as out of the ordinary, the CPD Special Investigations Unit headed by Karrin Murphy commissions Dresden to help solve crimes that involve supernatural beings and events.

As a storm brews, Dresden is hired by Monica Sells to look for her husband, Victor Sells, which she believes to have taken special interest in the wizarding arts. While hot on the track to find Victor Sells, Dresden was also called to aid police investigation on murders believed to have only been done through magic. Juggling his time and wisdom on both cases, Dresden unveils helpful clues while also fighting time to save his ass from being the next murder victim and executed by the White Council for being accused using Dark Magic.

I love reading mystery novels. It makes you think of the unearthed clues and link it to the different characters the protagonist’s interact with. It’s fun hypothesizing which character is guilty and which ones are innocent. Since this is the first series I have read which combines fantasy with mystery, I found the plot quite interesting. Mixing detective skills with magic is something I don’t come across to when reading mystery novels. It is something new to me but not entirely thinking back to the sub plots and characters which I think has been used over and over again:

  1. Harry Dresden is not much of a lady’s man. Like most male protagonists, given all the good qualities he is brought up to, he also struggles to get it going with the ladies.
  2. The self-righteous cop by the name of Karrin Murphy who always seems to over analyze things.
  3. That one cop, Carmichael, who always has his eyes on the PI (private investigator) and is waiting for that one mistake to get Dresden behind bars.
  4. The sneaky reporter, Susan, who makes moves on Dresden just to get the something for the headline.
  5. Harry as a private investigator who is always making ends meet but gets to have a good small office space.

Given the flaws and overused characterization, I still find this book series worth a try. I like the fact that even though Dresden uses his magical skills in the mortal world, he is still very much tied to the supernatural world. Every now and then, links between the mortal and the supernatural world are shown which gives this mystery/urban fantasy something to look forward to.

 “There is no truer gauge of a man’s character than the way in which he employs his strength, his power.”


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