Read It: Fool Moon (Dresden Files 2)


Fool Moon (Dresden Files 2)

Jim Butcher

After happily reading Storm Front, I just can’t wait to start reading Fool Moon.

It has been months since Harry got a case to work on and business seems to be spiraling down the drain when he finally got a call from Murphy about a couple of murders that seem to be out of the CPD’s jurisdiction. When Harry arrives at the scene, he is shown a mutilated corpse and a bunch of paw prints that seem to be bigger than the average wolf print. The investigation leads to multiple clues, more questions but no answers, and seems to be just a case of a local gang war gone bad. In a quest to find the killer before another full moon shows, Harry goes into another hunt risking his life and those dear to him.

All the excitement got whacked a lot of times and almost got killed after every chapter. Sure, I love the mystery unfolding from every page but some things are clearly out of proportion.

  1. Murphy seems to be have a very very bad case of trust issues. After commissioning Harry to get in on the boat in investigating what seems to be a case of werewolf murders, she goes into this “you’re one of the bad guys” state every once in a while. It gets irritating as the story continues. Hell’s bells Murphy, after asking a wizard to help you in a case you can’t solve, you ditch him and put him under arrest just because you think he is behind it all. Sure, blame it on the only wizard you know and throw him in jail (pun intended).
  2. Harry is brought up as the badass wizard who is always in for a very brutal type of investigating. I just can’t help but compare the first two books: Harry always gets beaten up and almost gets killed but luckily escapes and solves the crime in the nick of time.
  3. Don’t worry, I loved the action scenes in the Police Department. Killing some known characters are also very much appreciated.

Even after reading what seems to be a complete revised formula of the first book, I am willing to give the other series a shot. You can’t blame one book to be the fall of the rest of the series. Here goes nothing.

“It’s all right to be afraid. You just don’t let it stop you from doing your job.” 


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