Decluttering Horrors

It’s always a horror when it is time to clean and organize your home. Decluttering is always a horrendous word people hear when it comes to cleaning but there can always be ways to clear out your home from unwanted things but still make everyone happy and content.

  1.  Take time. Cleaning and sorting things out takes a lot of time. It’s not really easy going through all your stuff that has piled up on your storage. You don’t really need to finish it all up in one day. The best thing is to allot time, say 2 hours during weekends, to sort out your old stuff. You may not finish it in a day or two but at least you make weekly progress and you’ll be done in no time.
  2. Have several boxes ready. When you go through a pile of old things, be ready to stash them away in labeled boxes. This way, it will be easier for you to know which is which. To make the grouping easier, label your boxes: KEEP (for items you like to keep), SORT (for items you are still undecided about), TRASH (for useless things that really have to go) and GIVEAWAY (some items can either be sold or given away).
  3. Decide where to put the items immediately. It’s really helpful to decide right away which goes in what box to clear out as much as you can within your allotted time. It is hard to decide where to categorize an item but this mostly helps:
    1. Is it in good condition? Damaged but repairable? Broken beyond repair?
    2. Will you be using this in the next 12 months or less?
    3. Will someone I know be able to use this? Can I give it away to charity instead?
    4. How much will it cost if I decide to sell this? Will its value appreciate in time?
    5. Will it look good as display item in my house?
    6. Does it hold sentimental value? Is it a memento I can never live without?
  4. Sometimes, letting go of items with sentimental values are really hard. But you still have to decide which to hold onto and which to let go.
    1. Letters – A box full of letters may be too much. If you’re deciding to free yourself of too much stuff, sort those letters out. Reread the letters, discard those that have negative messages and pick those who inspire you still. Choose at least 5-10 which you deem dearest to you and put them in an album instead.
    2. Toys – Some toys are not meant to last a lifetime. Some are shelved despite the fact that they are broken beyond repair – so please put them in the bin instead because no one wants to play with a broken toy. Other toys appreciate in value – take time to look up which will be considered collector’s items but make sure they are also in good condition. And then other toys are best given away to orphanages.
    3. Clothes – There is no use keeping old clothes that already don’t fit you unless you think it will fit on you in less than 12 months. Sort out which clothes you are wearing on a regular/occasional basis and which ones you don’t wear at all (or do not intend to wear anymore). Also, make sure that the clothes you are willing to give away is in good condition and wearable (and underwear don’t count as clothes to give away, FYI). Otherwise, cut them up and just use them as rags for your home instead.
    4. Shoes – Shoes that are unused in a span of a year or so tend to become brittle. Throw it away.
    5. Knick-knacks – We all get giveaways from events we attend to but not all are worth keeping. Those little knick-knacks are more or less just additional storage eaters. Decide whether they’re good enough to be displayed in your house but if not, discard it. I’m guessing you have photos taken in the event which can serve as remembrance.
  5. Be ready with your insect spray. Because sometimes you just don’t know what might crawl out from under those old boxes.

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