Read it: Summer Knight (Dresden Files 4)

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4)

Summer Knight (Dresden Files 4)

Jim Butcher

“In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge!” 

I really feel like I’m on a roll in reading The Dresden Files.

After igniting a war against the vampire’s Red Court, Harry is summoned by the White Council into trial. It is then debated whether the wizards fight the vamps or simply just hand over Harry to keep the peace and stop any more attacks on their forts. As if the trials were not enough, the lady of the Winter faes buys Harry’s debt from Lea (Harry’s fairy godmother) and asks him to be their emissary in an effort to find the true murderer of the Summer Knight and retain balance between Winter and Summer.

I feel like the story is picking itself up and is developing into something more interesting as the series progresses. The narration becomes more fast paced giving more time for action.

  1. The story picks up months after Susan gets converted into a half vampire. Harry is depicted to be very depressed and living in complete seclusion to the point of making his friends and close acquaintances very concerned. – This characterization shows that Harry is very much akin to normal human feelings. His emotions also sometimes gets the best of him and I guess this was clearly shown not only in this book but the rest of the series as well.
  2. The portrayal of the White Council just shows that most wizard communities in works of fiction are snobs and have a very high level of self righteousness, put aside a few leftists who see the good in who the majority proclaim as the “bad guy”.
  3. The whole Sidhe brouhaha was a plus in the storyline. It shows that fairies are not just merely dancing in pixie dust. They were portrayed as beautiful creatures hungry for power and are by no means wish-granting but favor traders.
  4. I was relieved that the plot involved too little of the SI .Not much action for Murphy here. Yey!

I’m starting on Book 5 already. I guess I won’t be stopping until I get to the end now.

“Bite me, faerie fruitcake.” 


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