In Design: Tricia Guild

The first time I knew about Tricia Guild was in front of the bookstore. There it was sitting on the display window telling me to buy the book. The one with the orange page siding and chic interior with turquoise drapes on a pale windowed wall. It looked fantastic. I bought the book right away and it was 70% less than original price – talk about lucky.

I fell in love with the book cover and more with the designs featured inside. I really loved the fact that she was not afraid to use bold patterns and bright colors in classic themed interiors. The combination of lively hues and distinct patterns in her works were well played and gave interiors a contemporary/chic appeal on a classic setting. It looked timeless. Although most of her designs are geared to the feminine market, it is something everyone can appreciate.

Tricia Guild is the founder of Designers Guild in London in 1970. Today, it is one of the leading names in fashion and interior design known for quality and creative wallpapers, fabrics and home furniture and accessories.

Tricia Guild: Colors, Patterns, and Space

Saraille & Faustine

Designers Guild Biella bedlinen

Photo Credit: Designers Guild

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