Read It: What Happened In Witches Wood

What Happened in Witches Wood (Class Heroes, #2)

What Happened In Witches Wood by Stephen Henning

What Happens In Witches Wood is the second book of the Class Heroes Series. It picks up on the summer when the Blake family runs off from London to spend a peaceful holiday away from the limelight. And what they thought was a pleasant recovery from all the ruckus that has happened following the bombing incident was something that will only happen in their dreams.

This time, their relationship as a family was put to the test. With Katie Blake, their long dead aunt, happening to be very much alive, issues within the family start to erupt. Pair that with Yvonne’s (James and Sam’s mum) signing off a contract to transfer legal guardianship of the twins to Sir Michael Rosewood, everything seems to be falling apart.

I loved this book more than A Class Apart. I like how this time there were no shifting of the characters’ points of view/narration unlike in the first book which I found quite confusing. The story is more fast paced and exciting. It is more polished and I would definitely recommend this to intermediate readers who are looking for an exciting quick read.

  1. James and Samantha has already started honing their newfound powers. Although they are ordered by their parents to lie low and avoid exposing themselves, every now and then they try to use their skills just to test the waters.
  2. I love Lolly and how she can be all cutesy and mean at the same time. And yes, she is like a psychopath with a lot of psychological issues to face but she is a very effective antagonist. I want to know what happens to her. I was kind of excited when she wasn’t found in the end. More Lolly to face in the upcoming books – Yey!
  3. In every superhero story, there will be always that one super villain who has it all – killer looks, wealth, power, confidence, and connections. Sir Michael Rosewood thinks he’s doing what is best for the twins, for the people born with powers, for the common people and for the whole world. His passion is what drives him nuts and although his sincerity to help everything be better, he is blinded by his idealistic dreams. Scary.
  4. I liked how Sir Michael’s powers had been revealed bit by bit.
  5. The mystery behind Katie Blake and the ghost of Witches Wood is something to look forward to.
  6. Dr. Soames was the Blake twins’ attending doctor during the bombing incident. After discovering James and Sam’s powers, he just wanted to get his hands on them and do random tests to know how the twins got their powers. He is also a good man gone mad. Although he is passionate about his craft as a doctor, he became too obsessed with discovering people’s super human abilities. It’s sick and well, just sick.
  7. Asha and Simon’s characters, I think, are not a total help in the story. The story would go on very well without them but I do hope that in the succeeding books they they will have a more meaningful role. Their story as a couple was very touching and its just sad that it had to end that way.

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