Read It: Blood Rites (Dresden Files 6)

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)

Blood Rites (Dresden Files 7)

Jim Butcher

Chicago’s only professional wizard gets hired again. This time, Thomas from the White Court commissions Harry to take on a case to lift an entropy curse against his friend Arturo. Deflecting a curse is no easy job especially when you’re trying to avoid getting killed by the Black Court vampires and your own hired gunman (if payment due is not fulfilled on the dot, that is). Life is getting dim and dangerous for the local wizard.

  1. The vampires of the White Court are being introduced in the series. How this group is described and differentiated from the other vampire Courts were wonderful. Although why should vampires always be too beautiful and sexy to be true? Just wondering because most novels describe vamps as beautiful and seductive creatures.
  2. Thomas’ relationship with Harry is something to look forward to. It’s a nice twist, something totally unexpected. Good job here.
  3. Murphy just kicked ass in the story. I was venting out about her self-righteousness in the previous books but she has totally grown out of it. This time, she puts aside her just and lawful insights and just goes for the kill. Go Murphy!
  4. Kincaid is The Archive’s bodyguard but in this series, Harry hires him as a gunman. His skills, plans and choices of weaponry are superb and it’s nice to have someone acting all cool and collected during the riots. His personality is a complete opposite of Harry’s chatty self and I think he passes more of a cool hero than Harry.
  5. Somehow, I just find Harry irritating most among them all. I know, he is supposed to save the day or rather the world from doom but his character seems to go down the drain from book to book. He has personal issues which makes him just like the rest of us but his high self-morale, righteousness, and most of all his so-called chivalry comes too much.
    • Harry gets all emotionally angry at Ebenezar because he lied about his work with the White Council. Yeah, who wouldn’t get disappointed at being lied to but I personally think he should have been mature about it .
    • Harry’s chivalrous attempts at every book gets annoying. Okay, so you’re a chivalrous wizard freak. I think you’re being too much if you have to repeat that in every damn book. If I were Murphy, I would have kicked him a dozen times when he speaks or even think the word “chivalry”.
    • I think I have mentioned this again and again from my past reviews, why does Harry always go so damn close to dying? I know how dangerous his quests are but him being always almost beat up, burned, scarred and blacking out at the end of climax is just too formulaic already.
    • If there is anything I like about Harry, it would be his witty remarks.


I love the plot twists and the fast paced flow of the story. The characters (some) and how the world of magic intertwines with the mortal world is something that makes me stay and read the book. It’s not perfect but I’d read it anyway.

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