Read It: Dead Beat (Dresden Files 7)

Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, #7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files 7)

Jim Butcher

It’s almost Halloween and Harry is in another mission. This time, a personal mission to save Murphy’s reputation thanks to Mavra’s smart blackmailing. Now, all he has to do is find the Word of Kemmler and deliver it to his grave on the eve of Halloween. Looks like an easy task? Not when necromancers are also after the book.

  1. Murphy appears only in the first and last chapter of the book. She missed all the chaos that has happened in Chicago but what I actually want to know is what happened to her Hawaii vacation with Kincaid. Kincaid and Murphy? Now that’s something.
  2. Now that we all know that Thomas is Harry’s vampire brother, it’s just sad that he was not able to join the action. He was MIA during the fight scenes due to his task that doesn’t seem much help in Harry’s mission.
  3. Mavra on the other hand, didn’t die on the previous book as we were supposed to believe and she has now blackmailed Harry into finding the Word of Kemmler in exchange for photographs showing Murphy mercilessly killing Renfields (enthralled humans but technically, they’re not human anymore).
  4. Butters is an interesting character in the story. He was like the horror-struck sidekick who just wants to be out of the picture. Being an intellectual individual and a sort of nerd introvert, he finds supernatural events and beings hard to believe. He is very much of a coward for the most part but makes up for it when his courage is needed the most.
  5. The Wardens of the White Council plays a big role in stopping the bad guys. As much hate Harry shows towards Morgan on the previous books, this time the Wardens were shown as wizards just fulfilling their duties to protect their people.
  6. Harry, really now has to face the consequences of his past actions. It mostly boils down in this book that he has to solve some of his issues and just man up for everything he has done.
    • He pulled Murphy into the vampire hunting game in Blood Rites and now he has to save Murphy’s reputation from going down the drain. Thanks to Mavra’s blackmailing. He knows that the Word of Kemmler is evil but he chooses to give the book to Mavra. Now, let’s see how this mistake blows out of proportion in the succeeding books. I’m guessing it will all go back to him in the end. So much for your chivalrous deeds. I think it will cost him any time soon.
    • During the last chapter of Death Masks, Harry picks up the coin from the Denarians and is now marked with the Fallen Angel Lasciel’s signa. Lasciel now appears to Harry to offer him help, power and knowledge in fighting the Necromancers. Harry being the self-righteous wise ass wizard that he is, is stubborn enough to say no but eventually gives in due to some man-to-man talk with his self.
    • Queen Mab of the Winter Fae has asked Harry, again, to take the mantle in being the Winter Knight. She really wants Harry to be her knight and tells that the offer is still up and she will be waiting until Harry changes his mind.
    • Harry receives a death curse: Die alone.
  7. Kemmler’s disciples are really offbeat wizards/ghouls and they just embody greed and hunger for power in the story.
  8. If there is anything that I loved about the whole story, it would have to be Sue. Hahaha. It’s just so amusing to have a dinozombie walking along the streets and chomping up human zombies. The walking dead gets eaten by the walking dino. Yey!

What I loved about the story was the introduction of the different facets of the supernatural world. We were introduced to wizards, fairies, vampires, ghosts, religious orders and now we have necromancers and zombies. I’m now thinking what supernatural being will be introduced in the next books. Elves, dwarves or mermaids? Let’s see.


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5 Responses to Read It: Dead Beat (Dresden Files 7)

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  2. ramipon says:

    awesome series!!!

    read on!! it will keep getting better 😀

    • mynihility says:

      You’re done with the series?
      I love Harry’s world.
      I love the dinozombie here. 🙂

      • ramipon says:

        Yes i am currently up to date with the series

        i marathon-ed the first books and now its a pain to wait years for what happens next >_<

        If you catch up with dresden files, try codex alera another awesome series from jim butcher

        • mynihility says:

          I’ll be starting on the 11th book soon. Almost catching up to the 14th.

          Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try to put Codex Alera on my to-read list. 😀

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