Read It: Lumiere

Lumière (Illumination Paradox, #1)

Jacqueline Garlick

I feel very lucky to be able to read this as a Beta reader. This is actually the first steam punk genre I have read (if I remember it right) and I just loved how the world of Gears was developed throughout the story.

Eyelet Elseworth dreams of the day her seizures will be completely healed. And with the help of the Illuminator her father invented, she knows that all this will finally come true but then things didn’t turn out as she had hoped for. Her father’s death, her mother’s death sentence, the Illuminator being whisked away by an unknown thief, everything seems to fall apart but not for the brave young lady. She risks her life to go to places unknown and get the Illuminator back from Urlick Babbit even before Professor Smrt discovers her secret and  catches her and the thief.

It’s a fun adventure story and definitely worth the read. The world of Eyelet is something worth discovering. It really amazes me how the world of Gears has been described and just how things are totally different from the reality we live in. You get to imagine how these inventions look like, how everything seems old but new at the same time. I feel really excited to read through the rest of the Illumination Paradox Series. I want to know more about how Eyelet will somehow save everyone she loves.

  1. I think that Eyelet is your ordinary heroine. Arrogant, resourceful and attractive at the same time. There are points in the story that I just wish she would just listen to others instead and stop being too full of herself. But I guess this is forgivable knowing how much everything has been different since the death of her mother. Being alone, running away from the Brigsmen and looking for the Illuminator is no easy task for a girl who has been sheltered all her life.
  2. On the other hand, Urlick is not your ordinary prince charming. He is presented with much physical flaws but makes up for it with his wittiness and his knack for making useful little inventions.
  3. Professor Smrt is the type of antagonist you come to hate the first time you read about him. I can just sense how much evil he is the first time he was described. Although his ways and entrances seem cartoonish at times.
  4. Vapours and the Turned really intrigued me.
  5. Flossie, CL, Cordelia and Iris are supporting characters that have interesting backgrounds as well.
  6. I like how the gadgets were described. It makes you want to invent something of your own.
  7. I love the ending. It ended on a high note. A very high cliffhanger which leaves you begging to know what comes next.

I can’t wait to see this on the shelves.


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