Read It: Proven Guilty (Dresden Files 8)


Proven Guilty (Dresden Files 08)

Jim Butcher

Horror movie monsters just got real and out of the big screen, and are up to feed on fear from the people of Chicago. Being the new warden in town, it is up to Harry to save the day and destroy the monsters. That is, before the Scarecrow kills Molly (Michael’s daughter).

  1. After quite some time, the Carpenters make a reappearance in the series. It’s good to see them back . Showing them as they struggle to overcome fear and struggles as a grounded family is a nice touch to the story.
  2. Thomas looks like he’s up to something. I actually want to know what his new job is. It would be nice to have a side story featuring him some time. As Harry’s half-brother, I think it would be cool to have a side story about how he handles himself and the situations he gets into and how he deals with a wise-ass wizard for a brother. It will be a breath of fresh air.
  3. In this series, the mystery is not fully solved and answered. There are still loopholes in the events that has happened and it just goes to show that there is something bigger brewing up in the next books to follow. It kind of makes you on edge and take the next book out.
  4. Charity has always disliked Harry. She always regarded Harry as a bad omen bringing danger, hurt and injury to her family. Well, she is not mistaken but this time her background on why she acts the way she does is revealed. Although she still seems strict and proud, you finally get to understand where she is coming from.. Tough woman.
  5. Molly, from the shy little girl to a rebel teenager is an interesting character to watch in the oncoming series. It is a bit of a surprise to find out that she possesses powers and even more interesting when she ends up as Harry’s apprentice.
  6. I have not much to say about Murphy this time. She was with Harry throughout the journey and fighting but her presence was not very felt except for the elevator scene with Harry.
  7. The faeries of the Winter and Summer Courts are up to something. They have been scheming something and using Harry as cover up although I can’t put what might happen. It will be interesting to find out.
  8. Ebenezar and Harry have been talking about a traitor in the White Council. I also have some suspicions but I might just save those for later once I get on with more reading and see if my assumptions are right. Heehee.
  9. I liked the idea of Little Chicago. I was actually imagining a Lego town or something to that effect. It shows how much Harry has grew/matured as a wizard.
  10. Harry, although some of your punchlines and quotations from known books/movies, there are times I wished you would be nicer or courteous to other people. I know you have the bad wizard image but sometimes I hope you do consider being polite in much needed instances (although I think this one might never happen). And for a change, thank the stars you didn’t end up unconscious after your rescue mission. Haha. Nice to see you can go out for some spaghetti after everything.

I’m pretty excited at the prospect of Molly being Harry’s apprentice. I would like to see how things go on. I think it will be interesting to pair a hard-headed wizard with a hard-headed, scheming teenage apprentice. Now starting the 9th book. šŸ™‚


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