Read It: White Night (Dresden Files 9)

White Night (The Dresden Files, #9)

White Night (Dresden Files 9)

Jim Butcher

Women magical practitioners are being murdered in Chicago and it is up to chivalrous Harry to stop the killing rampage – even though suspicions seem to point on Thomas.

  1. Elaine Mallory, Harry’s ex-flame/first love, come backs to Chicago as an independent magic practitioner and wizard-for-hire for the Ordo. Her reappearance in the story is intriguing, I thought it would be nice to see Harry working with both Elaine and Murphy that is until Elaine got injured and missed out on all the fun.
  2. Murphy seems to play it cool now that she knows a lot about the supernatural world. She is now more open to the fact that things are just beyond the SI’s control. Although she is now demoted from a lieutenant to a sergeant, she still gives her best in protecting the city on-duty or not.
  3. Molly as an apprentice is really much of a headache, I thought she’ll be able to do her thing here but then she just poses as lookout – maybe she’s too young and inexperienced to be on the front line. Her colorful (and hard-headed) character is something to look forward to in the upcoming stories. I wonder how she will turn out to be as a wizard.
  4. I was taken aback when things started to point out as Thomas being the bad guy. His mysterious work and him being distant , was a sure hit of him going to the bad side. But I am happy that he turns out to be still the old Thomas – with a really odd job.
  5. It was no surprise that Cowl survived Harry’s attack on Dead Beat just to add more thrill and mystery in the next books. He really looks like the ultimate bad guy who just won’t die. I wonder how Harry will eventually beat him for real.
  6. The White Court has really got it going on with all the dirty politics.
  7. Lasciel points out that Harry has the potential to wield power over Outsiders which is linked to his birth (or something like that).
  8. Harry finally resolves his issue with his possession of the Coin.
  9. I loved the part in the Deeps. Ramirez and Harry vs. Vittorio and Madrigal Raith’s (vampires of the White Court) duel to the death, the sudden opening of the gate from Nevernever with Murphy, Thomas, Marcone and his gunmen emerging and helping save Harry’s ass and then eventually to Harry’s escape from the Deeps with Lara Raith. I just feel that this scene deserves the best special imagination effects.
  10. Marcone here becomes a freeholding baron under the Unseelie Accords. He is the first non-magical mortal to have the rights to the Unseelie Accords. Let’s see how his appointment stirs things up in the realm of the magical world.

Overall, I loved this book pretty much because of the action-packed climax. Some points in the conclusion though were not fully developed in the first preceding chapters so I had to reread.


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