Read It: Small Favor (Dresden Files 10)

Small Favor (The Dresden Files, #10)

Small Favor (Dresden Files 10)

Jim Butcher

Mab is back asking Harry to do her the second favor he owes her. This time, he is supposed to save Marcone’s ass from the Denarians while trying to evade the emissaries of the Summer Court from killing him.

  1. Nicodemus is back to seek his apocalyptic dream by trying to get hold of The Archive and try persuade her to take up a Denarian coin. He is one of the ultimate bad guys and I don’t know if Harry really was able to kill him this time. I was actually thinking what the hell with the noose around his neck. Oh well, the noose certainly led to his ‘death’. So much for a deadly fashion statement.
  2. After battling it out with Denarians, looks like Michael is finally giving up his sword and retiring as a Knight of the Cross. Although I don’t know if this will be for real since Denarians are still out with 11 coins. Looks like Sanya’s going to have a hard time collecting the coins from now on.
  3. Molly and Thomas are both interesting characters, it’s just sad that they were not able to show their true skills and just helped Harry in a very minor way. I’m hoping to see some action from them in the next books and I will look forward for the time when the White Council discovers Thomas’ relationship with Harry
  4. Murphy was kind of a letdown when she rejected the ownership of Fidelacchius. I also thought she’d be the perfect owner/ Knight and maybe it might be the right time for her to really take up business with the supernatural.
  5. The Archive  (Ivy) this time shows her true powers. It’s good to see that she’s not just a vast bank of knowledge but also a real power wielder but also a kid at the same time.
  6. Here we go again with Harry being almost beat to a dead pulp at after all the fuss.
  7. If there is something new I’d like to add in my ‘not again’ list, it would be the repetitive descriptions of: 1)Harry’s apartment 2.) Murphy’s looks and her house 3.) His beautiful vamp brother 3.) Mister and Mouse (his pets) 4.)Pretty much the description of most characters. Well, there is nothing wrong describing everything but if you repeat that over and over and over again in every damn book, it just annoys readers who read series after series. It’s a waste of paper space and time, really.
  8. I like the fact that story tries to put together religion/spirituality with magic in a bad ass way.

There are still the bits and pieces that I felt that are too much (chivalry, repetitive descriptions, sarcasm, etc) but I still love the story. The plot is just compelling that I am willing to forgive the little flaws. Well, I just skip those parts when I see them. Haha.

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