Read It: A Man of Indeterminate Value


A Man of Indeterminate Value

Ron Felber

Jack Madson is sick and tired of the lie life he is living. He has long lost any form of affection from his wife, detests his influential father-in-law and definitely sick of the job he leads. He wants to leave everything behind and the only escape he can come up with is to fake his own death, move to Mexico and start a new life. Everything goes smoothly until he discovers that his partner double-crossed him. Every single cent he saved in a secret account – all gone. With nothing in his pockets, he strikes a deal with a Chinese investor to get an important bio-med file from his former office in exchange for a hefty amount of money that will surely make his new life better. Add to that, Martin Phials, an investigator from his insurance company is hot on Jack’s tracks trying to prove that the death of Jack Madson is no accident nor a suicide. The story is about a cat and mouse chase between Phials and Madson that surely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I’m not much a fan of urban thrillers but this story got me engaged. I really wanted to know what happens to Jack at the end of the story and it pretty much kept me up all night trying to finish the book.

  1. The story is actually a narration of events as Jack writes a confession while he is in the dorms of a church awaiting Phials’ arrival.
  2. I thought the first parts of the story were boring.The planning of the fake death was too slow but after the’drowning’ everything went uphill.
  3. A story as told by a fugitive is fairly new to me. I’m used to reading stories narrated by the investigators so this one is a peek inside the criminal mind. How he tries to achieve his freedom despite all the wrong turns happening.
  4. Jack narrates how much he now hates his wife. Maybe if there were more scenes about their differences, it would’ve helped develop how things really were in their home. Although the scene with Jennifer and Tomi at the hotel was quite disturbing. Like, yeah, Jennifer really is a psycho.
  5. I liked how the story ended even if it wasn’t what I had in mind. At least Jack got what he wanted in the end but everything he has done and sacrificed seemed very trivial because of the outcome. If his freedom, new identity and pocketful of money will be given in the end of it all, then I just wished he had asked for it in the first place. Just an afterthought. Hehe.

By the way,  thank you very much Ron Felber for sending me this book.

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