Read It: Turn Coat (Dresden Files 11)


Turn Coat (Dresden Files 11)
Jim Butcher

Nothing much going on with Harry but battling his migraines when Morgan shows up in his apartment apparently wounded. As it turns out, Morgan is pursued by the White Council for the murder of LaFortier (a member of the Senior Council). All evidence points to Morgan as the suspect, even caught him red-handed but Harry believes so otherwise. Now, he is trying his best to hide Morgan, investigate the murder of LaFortier and catch the criminal behind who Harry believes is also a member of the White Council.

  1. After everything Morgan has put Harry through, he now runs to Harry to seek help. At first I thought karma just hit him in the face but then it was so obvious that Morgan is very much innocent. And, it must have taken a lot courage to swallow his pride to go asking for help from the person he hates the most. Its just sad seeing him gone at the end of the story.
  2. This is the first case that actually has Molly in action. Although her role is pretty much still on the safe side, you can now see her progress as a wizard given how much she already knows about magic.
  3. Thomas didn’t have much to do in the story other than being the driver and lookout. Oh and again with him being the hostage. It’s just sad to see him go back in his old ways. It actually hurts to see him say “don’t call me” to Harry. They’re half brothers and he is the only family Harry has. But I do think part of this was Harry’s fault – always dragging Thomas into the middle of things.
  4. The White Court of the vampires were a big help. It’s nice to see them fight alongside the Wardens of the White Council. It’ll be better if they just set aside their dispute altogether and just be allies.
  5. This time, there is no supernatural calamity/war or whatever. This is the first time the White Council is in hot water especially with a Warden killing a Senior Council member. The investigation is all about finding out who the real perpetrator is within the ranks of the White Council – although it was obvious who the suspect was from the start of the story. Haha.

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4 Responses to Read It: Turn Coat (Dresden Files 11)

  1. mynihility says:

    I’m done with the book 12. Waahhh. I love it. you’re right. It does get interesting as it progresses. I’m a few books away and then I will also be left waiting for book 15. 🙂

  2. ramipon says:

    i am a bit sad his relationship with Luccio ended like that…

    they would have been so good together

    • mynihility says:

      I thought so too that finally, Harry is moving on from Susan and trying to open his heart to other women.

      Who do you think will be better for Harry though? Murphy or Luccio? 🙂

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