Love and Misadventure


Love and Misadventure

Lang Leav

I was curious why this book has an average of 4.3 stars. So okay, the cover is compelling and if you did judge a book by its cover, I think this is worth my time to read. I guess not.

I am not a fan of poetry but this is just terrible. Stupid, love-struck, heart broken kind of poems written like a hormonal girl going giddy over her first love and crying for her first heartbreak. Seriously.  I feel like the book is an entire collection of diary written poems published for all the world to read. I don’t know but I feel like this is amateur-ish. Nothing too great to rave about or just nothing so great at all. I try to be constructive with my reviews but this is just terrible – I’d rate this with no star at all. Sorry.

A Dangerous Recipe

To love him is something,

I hold highly suspicious.

Like having something,

so very delicious – 

than being told,

to do the dishes.

I seriously tried to read all throughout but I just cannot finish something I do not like. I’d rather read doge’s imperfect haiku – it’s more entertaining.

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