Read It: Changes (Dresden Files 12)


Changes (Dresden Files 12)

Jim Butcher

I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, “They’ve taken our daughter.”

After a long time since they last talked to each other, Harry suddenly receives a call from Susan saying that the Red Court has taken away their daughter. It was a lot to take in – he has a daughter and never knew about it. After being orphaned at such a young age, Harry has resolved that he would do everything in his power to save his little Maggie and make sure no one else gets their hands on her.

  1. Susan makes a come back in the series. It was obvious how much she still loves Harry after everything that has happened. Although Harry got  mad for not knowing they had a daughter, she explained that she tried to keep her daughter safe by having her in foster care to keep her away from  all the people/creatures that is after her and Harry but I guess no secret goes kept forever.
  2. Harry is aware of the fact that he cannot do this alone and tried to call in as much allies as he can who are willing to risk their lives with him in a mission to enter Red Court territory and save Maggie. He pulled out quite a team though.
  3. Molly is finally  in the core group. After being the support in previous  missions, she is now part of the group to go in an all out battle with the vamps. Her powers are still very basic and it was funny that she could as much produce lights and sounds after how long of being an apprentice. She could have at least mastered her veils (including by being not detected through scent, which would be cool) that would have been very useful in battle.
  4. Murphy is still under hot water with the Chicago PD but she has decided that it is more important for her to help  her friend put his only family in safekeeping. I was actually excited that Murphy has wielded Fidelacchius for their battle and hoping that she will finally be a Knight of the Cross – too bad she still doesn’t want the job.
  5. Thomas is back to help Harry save Maggie. I’m waiting on when it will be revealed to the White Council that they’re brothers.
  6. Ebenezar McCoy turns out to be Harry’s (and Thomas’) maternal grandfather. I hope that McCoy would also learn about Thomas’ identity and accept him even if he is a White Court vampire.
  7. Harry finally accepts the mantle of the Winter Knight because he knows he has no other option and power to defeat the Red Court. His faerie godmother, Lea, accompanies him in his journey.
  8. The members of the Grey Council makes their first appearance by the middle of the action but it was not disclosed who the members were specifically.
  9. The Red Court was wiped out through a very dramatic way. Poor Susan.
  10. Major cliffhanger – just when you thought it ends the way it usually does, it doesn’t. This time, Harry was not beaten up to shreds and in a hospital bed. It ends up with him preparing for a first (and final?) date with Murphy. He prepares and waits for Murphy to arrive in the Water Beetle when someone shoots him. He falls into the water and blacks out. Well played Jim Butcher.

This is by far the best book in the series I have read. The first sentence already got me and I just wanted to know how this all ends up. Heck, it kept me up ’til the wee hours of the morning and with the way it ended, I think I’m staying up reading through the next book. Haha.

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4 Responses to Read It: Changes (Dresden Files 12)

  1. ramipon says:

    My favorite part is when they were deciding who their equivalent is on the Fellowship of the Ring

    • mynihility says:

      yeah! that was awesome. they were actually arguing about that. too cool. 😀

      • ramipon says:

        so it ended up as

        Thomas as legolas because he is the prettiest
        Mouse as gimply because he is the hairiest
        Leah as gandalf because she is the most powerful non-human spellcaster
        Harry as sam for obvious reasons
        and Laciel as gollum

        they didnt reaveal who the rest is :3

  2. ramipon says:

    I was in catatonia for a few days after reading this book 😐

    and i survived the freaking read wedding >_<

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