Read It: Ghost Story (Dresden Files 13)


Ghost Story (Dresden Files 13)

Jim Butcher

Harry just got killed by an unknown murderer. He wakes up and finds himself in Chicago Between where he meets Capt. Jack Murphy. As complicated as Harry life gets, even his ghost could not be put to rest yet. Not until he solves his own murder. He is then sent back to Chicago as a ghost to try solve his murder and make sure the people he loves are kept safe. All spirit, no magic.

  1. After 6 months since Harry died, his friends are still hoping that he really is not dead. They have come together to continue protecting Chicago as Harry would against spirits/faes/ whatever it is that Chicago needs protecting from. Heck, they even tied up with Marcone.
  2. I loved how this story focuses on Molly’s character development. The changes from her last state in Changes to what she has become now after Harry’s untimely demise. It showed how she coped up with her mentor’s death, seemingly distancing herself from the people she used to be friends with. She took it hard and is getting more pain from gaining distrust from people she is working with and being called the Rag Lady.
  3. Karrin Murphy doesn’t have much to say in the series although her role primarily was to be very suspicious and paranoid about everything. She has kept her sorrow to herself and you can sense how much she tries to hide her fears by pretending and convincing herself (and others) that Harry is not dead since his body was not really found.
  4. Butters has now improved a lot. After Harry’s death, he now holds Bob and works out ways to gain knowledge about the supernatural world with the skull-bound spirit.
  5. Morty played a major role here. His powers as an ectomancer was well displayed and his character was shown in a different light this time. You now have my respect Morty. I thought you were a coward then.
  6. I loved Molly and Corpsetaker’s battle. It was a bit confusing with all the Mollies running around and screaming but it was funny at the same time. It showed how much Harry has influenced his apprentice. Even Molly is now pulling up some witty remarks.
  7. The mystery behind Harry’s death is something to look forward to. I did not expect that. I was thinking someone just got lucky.
  8. It was heartwarming to see Maggie safe and sound with the Carpenters (and Mouse). Thomas, well, I hope his role gets better in the next books. I still want his character developed into something more strong and capable.
  9. And at the end of it all, I really did feel that Harry really wasn’t physically dead yet though I was hoping that he’ll wake up to find another being holding him prisoner or something. Oh well, let’s see what the Winter Knight will do on the next book.

Everything gets interesting and I’m getting ready for the Winter Knight’s next adventure.


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1 Response to Read It: Ghost Story (Dresden Files 13)

  1. ramipon says:

    this book proved that the previous book (changes) really lives up to the title

    you feel that from this point on, nothing will be the same

    its sad, scary, fascinating and exciting all of the same time

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