3D Shnizworks and a Lot of Researching

I have been doing 3D models lately and it comes as a frustration that I cannot find the perfect model based on the requirements and it sucks and tedious to do models on your own. Being a lazy worm, I searched for sites (aside from 3D Warehouse) that offer free downloads for some of your modelling needs.

  • 3DModelFree.com offers a vast selection of 3D models in .max format. There are a lot to choose from and are categorized accordingly though it will take you time to browse through all the models available for download.
  • TF3DM has models in multiple formats (.3ds, .blend, .dae, .max, .obj, .skp to name a few). They also have a free textures gallery, forums and tutorials available for those trying to build and collect for their library. To be able to download, you have to sign up as a member (for free).
  • Sketchup Texture focuses more on material textures but also has models available for free download although some items included here are available on 3D Warehouse.
  • Sketchup Model Free is a facebook community page that posts quick links to their downloadable files. They have interesting and more refined .skp models which you won’t normally find on 3D Warehouse.
  • Yepsketch 3D Model Library has a collection of branded 3d models  available in different formats (.dwg, .3ds, .max, .obj or .skp) and textures with detailed specifications and item codes. I like this site because it includes technical details about a certain items and brands which is very helpful when considering using materials in actual construction. To be able to download, you have to sign up as a member (for free).
  • Syncronia Architectire Victims (in collaboration with Autodesk) are more for those who use 3Ds Max and AutoCAD for 3d modelling. But, they also have updated catalogues of new released products which is I think an important aspect in design.

Knowing these sites are a great help but of course, you cannot always find exactly what you need.


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