The Hunger Games (1-3)

I forgot to publish this post and its been sitting idle on my drafts folder for 3 months! Hahaha.

I have not watched the movies yet because I still believe in reading the books before hitting up with the movie adaptations. Anyway, since the world already knows what the book is all about, I’ll just cut to the chase. Here are the points I liked and disliked about each book in the trilogy.

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

  1. Katniss – You can already sense in the first pages of the book that Katniss has a strong personality. Someone who would do everything to survive. I think as a heroine, she embodies the typical = arrogant, hard headed, paranoid and self-righteous. She detests killing other tributes but does so on situations she thinks is reasonable, thus making her murders seem just. I don’t know but I am not too fond of the girl on fire.
  2. Peeta  – On the other hand, there is something in Peeta’s character that seems to scream ‘weakling’. He professes love for Katniss on live TV much to Panem’s delight but flops on actually winning her heart/trust during the game and is pretty much useless in survival 101.
  3. The Hunger Games- It’s really disturbing how the Game is actually played. Children killing children broadcast on live TV.
  4. Overall – I’m not too fond of the characters but the idea of the Hunger Games is brutally interesting. I liked reading the parts of the actual game which I find thrilling.

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)

  1. Gale – Gale’s character from the beginning is obviously part of the love triangle. I don’t have much against him but I just wish he had been just the friend and nothing else. His inclusion in a love triangle is too passe – the bestfriend who was always there for me that I think I love but then I love this guy more kind of thing.
  2. The Victors (from the previous Hunger Games) – I don’t want to go into too much details since there are a lot of them. But How each victor was presented was okay (nothing extraordinary here).
  3. The Hunger Games – Pretty uneventful game. Lame.
  4. Overall – This book was better than Hunger Games (#1). Just when you think it’s all over, they all got thrown back in the arena. This time with the other Victors which makes surviving the Games more unlikely. The last chapter was also superb, how the book ended in a high note and dramatic that it makes you want to grab the next book already – major cliff hanger, success.

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)

  1. After a very great cliffhanger from Catching Fire, Mockingjay was a total let down. The events which happened throughout the story were a bore. It felt like the book was written in a rush much to the excitement of the waiting readers. There wasn’t much action going on and I don’t think I was up to reading chapters upon chapters about Katniss’ supposed recovery.
  2. Katniss is on the road to recovery almost entirely through the story. She becomes a puppet for Coin over conditions that seem to be very selfish. When they say recovery here, it wasn’t just about healing from physical injury but emotional trauma as well. The annoying part was that Katniss knows what she needs to overcome emotionally but chooses to go bratty instead.
  3. Peeta, I don’t know. I just felt that his ‘acting’ in the story fake. He hates Katniss but then in the end, comes to love her again. I’m not really keen into their love story. Put Gale in the picture, still not interested.
  4. The only things that I cared about that has happened in the story was: 1) Why kill Finnick?! His character was lovable and I found him very sincere. 2) When Katniss killed Coin instead of Snow. I guess this plot twist was the only saving grace here. 3.)When Prim died, it was like a big har-har(evil laugh) moment.

Overall, the books were not as exciting as I had expected it to be. I don’t know if I was just being too critical about the plot because the book is already too hyped up on the media or was it just really me not liking it. *Shrugs*

2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games (1-3)

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  1. Nice Review and most of it is similar to my reviews.
    I too disliked killing of Finnick and Prim. And , yeah third one was a huge disappointment!!
    BTW, i have watched both the movies and found them OK, atleast better than other movies based on books!!

    1. Thanks! At least now I know I’m not alone in this. 🙂
      I’m still hesitant to watch the movies since I was not too fond of the books. Maybe I’ll try to watch it once the movie franchise is done.

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