Measuring and Drawing Plans On-site Using Apps

It has always been a tiring work for architects and designers to take actual measurements on site. You have to draw and measure each wall and orifice including heights and whatnots. As glamorous as ‘designing’ sounds, it was never a piece of cake and we may need all the aid we can get even if it includes throwing in our smart phone or tablet along the ride.


RoomScan is a free app for ioS users. It requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. RoomScan can generate floor plans by tapping your phone on every wall. It’s as easy as walking around the room. It’s a good way to make a basic outline of the room although I don’t think it can include openings such as doors and windows.


MagicPlan on the other hand is a free app for Android 4.+ users. It measures and draws rooms using the camera on your handheld device. You take photos of the room and denote the corners which serves as markers for the app to calculate the distances and actual layout. You can edit the plan to add doors and windows or rotate it according to the correct  position. As much as the app is free, you have to register using your email address and it sends you a watermarked pdf file unless you pay the present fee then you can also get the plan in DXF format which you can load directly on CAD or SKP.


It is very exciting to know that these helpful apps are available on the market although I’m still trying to look for more helpful apps I can share on next posts. Although these are a big help in lessening the burden of having to draw and measure, measurements are still not 100% accurate but close enough to use as basis.

Have you tried these apps on your phone/tablet? Let me know what you think about them or if you have any other useful plan measuring apps to suggest. 🙂

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