Read It: The Kafka Society


The Kafka Society

The Kafka Society

Ron Felber

Publisher:  Barricade Books

Publication Date:  May 2014

Price:  $16.95/ trade paperback original

ISBN:  978-1569805107

After all the ruckus on Jack Madson’s life, he starts a new life as a private investigator to try make up for every wrong he has done in the past. But after a night out, he finds himself in bed with Amber Starr, a stripper, and no memory of what happened the night before. As he was trying to start his day, he finds an unidentifiable human head in the trunk of his car and now, he is considered as a suspect. He tries to uncover the supposed murder but then an old friend, Tom Dougherty, now a head in FBi asks for his help to try shake off Havana Spice, a porn queen, who is blackmailing him after an affair. Thinking of helping an old friend, Jack now also pursues Havana to try stop her from blackmailing Tom. That’s when it hits Jack, that this is no ordinary murders, blackmail and whatnot. Everything is a tangled web of mischief done by the Kafka Society and it is up to him to try expose everything before it is too late.

I found the book exciting since I’m the type to read more to uncover more when mystery is involved in the plot. I generally enjoyed the book and would recommend this to those who love reading urban thrillers.

  1. I like the fact that Jack here is still presented as imperfect as how he was on The Man of Indeterminate Value. Yes, he is trying to live a new life away from everything he once had but that did not change his persona from who he was before. You can still see Jack as Jack and not as Jack the new man which is what I mostly read on other works about main characters turning over a new leaf.
  2. Reading this made me think about friendship. That you never really know who your friends are deep inside despite the fact that you have known them for a long time which is scary.
  3. The plot was very engaging. There was always a lead which makes you think again and again that he’s got it only to find out that things just got more complicated but you read anyway.
  4. The only down side of the book were the first and last chapters. I guess the author was trying to do the same style he did with the previous book which was Jack retelling the story of what had happened in the past how many days. I think that was unnecessary for this book since you almost forget the fact that Jack was just retelling the story only to be pulled back on the last chapter when he finished recounting the story to his lawyer. Tom was shot, Jeremiah survived, and he was released from prison – I think that would be enough for a good ending. Well, just my opinion though.

Thank you very much to Ms. Felicia for suggesting this book.

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