Read It: The First Phone Call From Heaven


The First Phone Call From Heaven

Mitch Albom

In Coldwater, Michigan, seven people have claimed to be receiving phone calls from their departed loved ones giving them reassuring messages about the the after life and giving them words of encouragement to go on living their lives. It is penned to be one of the greatest miracles that has happened in their town or perhaps the world. Is it real or is it a hoax? While everyone in town believes to have witnessed a rare miracle in town, Sully Harding, a grieving husband fresh out from jail for a crime he did not commit, thinks so otherwise. He believes that these miracles are just a fraud played by someone in town and tries to prove to his son (and more to himself) that miracles are not true and these phone calls from heaven are just man-made.

  1. The book has an interesting premise. Just like any other novel by Mitch Albom, it stirs one’s curiosity and touches one’s faith on bigger things that wait us in the after life. Mostly, it is an easy read to inspire you about the value of life and keeping faith.
  2. More than just an inspirational story. This time, the author introduces a character,Sully Harding, who is not a firm believer, someone who defies the cult and tries to prove that there is no such thing as a miracle. I think Sully is an interesting character because he embodies people who are ‘to see it to believe’ types.
  3. It would have been a better story if it were not for the multiple POVs (point of view) from the different characters. The shifting of POVs was too much that at times it gets confusing which thoughts I was reading about. There were no cues when the POV is about to shift and you get surprised that the setting has now shifted to another character’s environment. You will only realize this when the character’s name is mentioned.
  4. There were seven phone call receivers, and out of seven, only three were developed throughout the story (Jack, Katherine and Tess) with a few snippets about Elias and Doreen. The others? Their names were only mentioned but no background story at all. If the story were to revolve around the phone call receivers, it would have been great to be consistent with it. Why concentrate on three? You have others as well. I looks to me that they were neglected. Unimportant in the development of the story.
  5. The story was dragging. The supposed progress of events doesn’t take you up, it stops and remains on a plateau. It was disappointing how the climax became anticlimactic (at least to me). There was just too much nothingness going on and you just wanted everything to end.
  6. The only saving grace I believe was how Sully uncovered everything. I was actually rooting that he prove nothing of his hunch only to discover otherwise.

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2 Responses to Read It: The First Phone Call From Heaven

  1. Great review. Mitch Albom certainly does come up with interesting “what if’s” doesn’t he? Simple yet thought-provoking. I appreciate your review and feel the same, why didn’t he take the time to lay out the stories of the other characters? Either that or save them for another book? Thanks and blessings to you,

    • mynihility says:

      Hi Ellie! Thanks for taking time to read my review. I think you’re right about saving the other characters for another great book. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next story he will publish. 🙂

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