Read It: Dwellers



by Eliza Victoria

I must admit I don’t often read books written by Filipino authors. It’s either, 1) there are very few good authors who catch my attention, 2) sometimes it’s just the lack of interest because I am afraid of discovering the material to be a local spin off of a popular foreign novel or 3) local novels are not as publicized as the foreign ones.

And the reason why I read this book was because it was the Book Discussion posted on TFG and I wanted to read along with them (although I wasn’t able to attend ReaderCon because of my schedule- boo!).

Anyway, back to the book.

This book is a very short read and one that does not disappoint. I loved and am intrigued by every event happening and found it hard to put the book down. It was mysterious, captivating and short, something I usually look for in novels. Everything was fast paced and there was no moment that I felt it become dragging. It was written well enough to pass off as a foreign work.

After reading this, I felt hopeful that maybe Filipino literature is not going down the drain as I thought. And am looking forward to reading more works of the author.


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