Read It: The Summer Without Men

image The Summer Without Men

Siri Hustved

After thirty years of marriage, Mia Fredrickson’s husband, Boris, asks her for a “pause” which sends her into a breakdown and in a psychiatric facility. After being released, she then goes back to her hometown and rents a house near her mother’s and starts to pick up the pieces from a failed marriage. She opens up a poetry workshop for the town’s youth, joins her mother’s book club with the ‘five swans’ and consequently forms a friendship with her odd neighbors. Mia learns a lot from the people around her and slowly patches herself up

  1. I really like the story because it felt very realistic. I have known women very close to me experience the Pause, with their husbands leaving them for someone younger. It really hit a spot and at the first sight of it, I already despised Boris for doing that to her wife.
  2. Mia’s thougts and revelations also came up as an eye opener for me because I felt that maybe this is something most wives experience during the Pause. It may vary differently on each person’s situation but the pain is definitely the same.
  3. The poetry workshop students are another story, they embody the typical pubescent scenario of having friends to fiends and a little bullying.
  4. The Five Swans represent another age demographic. They represent situations most old people go through, being left in senior care and the thought of your close friends being pulled away one by one.
  5. I loved how the story ended.

All in all, the story touches on scenes that a woman may experience at one point in her life. Some of Mia’s wondering thoughts hit the bull’s-eye. I don’t enjoy much of the adult fiction but this one is differrent.

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