The Travellers

The Traveller

Antonia Fields

Lily has been adopted and has been living peacefully with Axel, her adoptive father, in the Library. One night, she starts dreaming about a beast hunting for her. Curious about the origin of the beast, she researches about it and ends up breaking in the Classified Section of the Library. A curious trip down the Classified Section that changed everything she has ever believed to be true.

Things changed in a snap. Having discovered her true origin, Lily and Axel is now on the run from the Travellers and the beasts, Esperanzi, from Gentech. While on the run and with no one else to trust, they travel with Jason who introduces himself as a friend of Lily’s father who has promised to keep Lily safe and bring her home when her father died.

I found this short story while browsing Smashwords and looking for something new to read. Since it was available for free, I decided to give it a try and see how well the story goes.

  1. The premise of the story sounded interesting. I felt that I will be introduced in a new world and a new set of fascinating characters and if goes well, a fandom.
  2. Like most works I read lately, this story has multiple Points-Of-View (five POVs, if I remember correctly). It was confusing at first because there was no introduction who the characters were but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.
  3. Lily, sounded like a very strong minded girl. She likes to get things her way, if she can, and is always trying to prove herself to the people in the Library. She also sounded like a trouble maker but I forgive her for that since most contemporary protagonists seem to have that trait. She was built up as a strong character but I was disappointed to see how weak she was when she learned of her identity (she was shaking and having chills) and when she came face to face with the Esperanzi (she always gets rooted to her spot). She was sharp-tongued but useless when needed.
  4. Axel, Lily’s adopted father, was very gentle in nature. He was very tender and father-like and I think that is all there is to him.
  5. Jason is a character full of mystery. He appears to save Lily like a prince charming and tries hard to protect her and keep his promise to Lily’s father.
  6. I have mixed feelings about this book. It was good and bad at the same time. I think the characters were raw and underdeveloped at some point.
  7. I also got a bit confused with the setting of the story, at first it appeared to me as if this was a steampunk but then it seemed modern. There were pop-culture references injected in the dialogues that were not necessary (unless the author wanted Lily to be geeky, which she is not)
  8. I think this story has a potential but it needs a lot of polishing.

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