My First Book

I was getting a bag of groceries from the car trunk when I noticed a small paper with (slightly) illegible writing. My eyes feel a bit blurry this past few days but when I finally picked up the paper and saw the handwriting, I was amused at what I read.

It was funny because I don’t even remember making this. There in stapled pieces of notepads, was my handwriting.


Krystel’s First Book By: Me.

It was plain and simple. It was supposed to be my first book. Of course, I was curious what I had written in my ‘book’ so I opened and began to read the contents.

These were all in alphabetical order. I guess I was trying to write a dictionary back then because I was describing and illustrating these words as best as I can. Back then, I already loved reading books (mostly fairytales and short stories), and drawing has also been a hobby I have developed early on. And looking back, I remember then I wanted to be a teacher, astronaut (which explains the outer space things) and animator (for Disney).

I was also wondering why this ‘book’ was in the car trunk. Based on my handwriting, I’m guessing this was when I am in grade 3 (9 years old). Our car is just 6 years old so there is no way this book got left there. Anyway, I showed this to my parents and neither of them remember seeing me making this book and giving it to them.

I’m keeping it in my shelf anyway.




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2 Responses to My First Book

  1. Meliza says:

    Those are very cute drawings and definitions. You’re a very smart 9-year old kid, wow!

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