Read It: Trigger

image Trigger by Jill Meengs

Jordan Shaw is having a well deserved vacation with her bestfriend Anna. Together, they have embarked on a backpacking trip across Europe to spend their vacation. Halfway through the trip, Jordan cannot let go of the feeling that they were being watched and stalked, and along the way they meet with a random backpacker, Chase, who seems to always be at the perfect time and place when trouble begins to brew. Everything gets serious when they learn that Jordan is part of a bounty hunt by the Mirkos Enterprises with a hefty price in exchange of her capture. Together with Anna, Chase and a string of unwanted brush-ins with the law emforcement, the group tries to unravel the mystery why Jordan is so special to the Mirkos.

  1. The premise of the novel led me on to think that it would be a great young adult urban-thriller ready to hit the top shelves but sometimes that is not the case. I was expecting a Tom Clancy-like work set in the young adult audience, it felt like it were but it was not. I loved the promise of the plot but one can never expect it to go consistently all throughout the novel.
  2. Jordan, as the main protagonist, seems to give off a Katniss Everdeen feel to me. She is aware of her special abilities but tries to downplay it too much to the point of over reaction. I don’t like the fact that she continuously refers to her talent as dirty little secret because I don’t see in any way her secret is dirty.
  3. Anna is a typical sidekick. Bubbly blonde bestfriend who mostly gets left out of the fun and eventually out of the loop.
  4. Chase is an interesting character. He has a lot of mystery behind. With very little background about him, you would like to know a lot more about his past.
  5. Honestly, I found the first quarter of the novel intriguing. I was eager to know why Jordan was being pursued, what Chase’s and the Guardia di Finanza’s role in all of this was. The next two quarters seemed to drag on. I was almost done with the book but nothing seems to have escalated. They were still evading the chasers, hiding, and trying to figure why. It goes on for some time and everything gets into a plateau you begin to wonder when it will ever end. When the climax finally came, it was not as grand a revelation as I expected it to be. I was vying for some fancy revelations but it was not what I was expecting it to be.

Overall, the book tended to have a lot to offer but that was not the case. If a sequel is on its way, I am hoping that it be more mysterious that ends with a bang.


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